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Hii! I'm Anita~ I'm a Medical Laboratory Sciences student at the University of Alberta (Edm, AB). I'm interested in Chinese calligraphy, scrapbooking, collecting scarves, & cooking. I'm a lover of fat panda, decaf mochas, the color purple, Kpop (I'm an A+ B2uty Blackjack InnerCircle VIP!), badminton, Converse All-Star shoes, & art. I love eating & travelling so this is...a personal blog about my food & travel stories~ I hope you'll enjoy your stay, as well as giving me some feedback on my blog, in general, & your thoughts on the places I've blogged about :) thankyouu

"New" thing from Costco - organic black bean spaghetti :O comes with a red curry spaghetti recipe on the side but… I don’t know.. I don’t particularly find that combo appealing. I haven’t decided what to do with this yet. The texture is very interesting in case you were wondering. Once it’s cooked, the size of the noodle strands is like that of soba noodles. However, it’s really chewy (um the closest thing I can compare its texture to is like…enoki mushrooms with an additional grainy-ness), & has a black bean flavor to it. Ahhh I’ll figure it out later.


Cos… I wanna talk about “That’s Ok, It’s Love”! I finished this drama earlier today. SO GOOD!


I was iffy about the concept/theme of this drama - it’s listed as a medical, rom-com. I was really close to dropping this after ep1, thinking, “what is this drama talking about….?” But continued bcos of Jo In Sung <3 then I actually started enjoying it from the 3rd episode onwards, as it became more realistic to me. It’s almost like a different genre of medical dramas :O The existence of a person (by D.O.) being “present” in the drama as Jang Jae Yeol’s (by Jo In Sung) childhood scar was unique, powerful, engaging, & .. heartbreaking! The hospital scene in ep15 was so amazing! Gong Hyo Jin’s portrayal of Dr. Ji Hae Soo was also amazing as heck! I loved the chemistry between Jo In Sung & Gong Hyo Jin <3 Hope they own SBS drama awards at the end of the yr!!!


(got KO-ed so many times by his stare… x_x)

The supporting cast was excellent! Lee Gwang Soo & Lee Sung Kyung (the tall couple) was so cute~ I was a TAAAD envious of Lee Sung Kyung when she got to endorse Evisu Jeans with my crush, Lee Joon, but after this drama… I love her! I hope she gets more acting opportunities in the future even though she’s a model (under YG Entertainment)!


My fav giraffe from the Running family is all grown up :D

"That’s Ok, It’s Love" officially on my "re-watch" list! Thanks for the past 2 past months of cliffhangers & all the miserable minutes between Thurs & the next episode the following Wed >.<

Another late afternoon-evening spent at my friend, Susan’s last night :) yayyyyy!

I love them fruits ^^

Part of the tea. Diana brought like her entire tea collection =O

Something introduced to me via Susan - Croque Madame. Ordinary sandwich ingredients with a twist of béchamel. YUM.

Baked brie WITHOUT cinnamon so I could try it. Thanks, Susan!

Krystyn’s sister’s creation that Krystyn brought. This salad needs no dressing. Bell peppers (one of each kind: orange, yellow, red, green), onion, cucumber, can of corn, can of black beans, celery, feta cheese, & quinoa.

Dill & Asiago cheese scones by Diana. Delish!

Christina’s chocolate mousse. Can’t wait to try this in the form of a cake.

Tea time! Diana & I shared this tea; it’s called Pandan tea. I’ve read up on it when I got home last night cos I was interested in it lol such a food nerd… Pandanus amaryllifolius, is the name of the plant that pandan leaves come from. According to wiki (& my some stored self knowledge that I’ve pulled from my brain somewhere), Southeast Asians use pandan leaves a lot! What I’m most familiar with is the steamed Vietnamese pandan dessert - it’s green & looks like this!

[photo from:]

Seen it before? It’s popular in Asian supermarkets! & I absolutely love it!!! Anyways, so the tea… It uses the same leaf that’s used to make this dessert, so when you smell the tea, the first thing that came to mind was this dessert. It felt…eerie, to an extent. It’s the only “thing” I’ve ever associated this scent with. So when I smell this fragrance but seeing tea in front of me, it was weird. I also expected the tea to have a similar flavor as this dessert (dumb, I know…esp when I know coconut milk is in this dessert lol). But the tea did have that…distinct sweetness to it. It was interesting. I think it tasted better with honey.

Lastly… homemade Bun Bo Hue by Susan’s mother. Words can’t describe how delicious it was… Thank you so much, Huynhs <3

& now, I’m going to bed. G’nite!

Good morning!! Watching my Kdrama with a mocha with skim milk & no whip from McD’s.. . Today is going to be a good day!

Good evening, all~

A few weeks ago, during the summer, I received some gift certificates in my mail :D I finally used the 1st one today…as a reward for myself for surviving my 1st week of TA-ing. So much work… >.< I used the $5 one for Burrito Libre.


Burrito Libre, so far, has 2 locations: 1 in downtown (Oliver Square), & 1 on U of A campus. I went to the one on campus bcos it was close-by & I was nerdy…I studied at school on a Friday after 1 class (which ended @ 10AM) :P

This visit marked my 3rd visit to this place &… I ordered the same thing as usual~ Whole wheat burrito with. .. *takes deep breath* wild rice, roasted potatoes, sautéed peppers & onions; honey chipotle chicken; roasted corn salsa; lettuce, cheese, & finished it off with sour cream!


Goodness. OH MY GOODNESS! Fast service, friendly staff, delicious food! Would come again~

Rating: 9.5/10!

Except………for a poor university student like myself, I wouldn’t be willing to pay $7.86 (tax included) for this… what I would consider as a “snack” =/ I can easily eat 2 (or maybe 3) of these…

Random dimsum brunch with some classmates today ^^ we went to Dynasty Century Palace in Chinatown, located on the 2nd floor of Pacific Rim Mall.

We arrived at 10:30AM…& today is Wednesday, so the place was almost empty (almost about 4-5 tables with ppl when we got there). There also weren’t many carts coming around. It wasn’t until after 11-ish that there were more carts going around >.< Below were some of the dishes we ordered.


燒賣 / steamed pork dumplings (also contains shrimp + Chinese mushrooms). I did not have this, but I heard from the eaters that it was good! The look could be improved though.


菠蘿包 / pineapple bun. Such a misleading name as this baked bun does not contain ANY pineapple. The filling is in fact custard! Although the sizes of these buns are small, there was abundant filling. The filling itself was also very soft & flavourful~ I recommend!!


糯米雞 / “sticky rice”. Have its name in quotation marks bcos most ppl refer to this as simply “sticky rice”, but a more accurate term of this is “steamed sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaf”. Diff places have diff ingredients, but this one had ground beef with the sticky rice only. Kind of plain but the taste was delicious. Meat to rice ratio was also good!


牛肚 / “cow stomach”. Classmates had a debate on what this cow “part” was called in English haha it’s literally translated as “cow stomach” from its Chinese name. I did not have this, but ppl who ate it liked it :P


牛仔骨 / black pepper beef short ribs. Perhaps my favorite dimsum dish today! The sauce was amazing & I wished I had plain rice around to mix & eat the leftover sauce with >.< I loved it!


鮮蝦腸粉 / shrimp rice rolls. My 3rd favorite of today! More shrimp was expected…but these shrimps themselves were very big (to put in rice rolls). Ohhhhh I miss the rice roll place in my hometown of Guangzhou, 銀記 =(


小籠包 / Shanghai steamed dumplings. Very juicy & flavorful!! Sometimes ppl try to incorporate a lot of soup in it so when it’s done steaming, it looks all…flattened down. But these dumplings were juicy & looked great!


鮮蝦玉米卷 / shrimp + corn roll. My new-found favorite?! I’ve actually never had this anywhere before… It was REALLY good! I will look for this during my future dimsum visits =D

Other dishes ordered but with no pictures:

- 蝦餃 / steamed shrimp dumplings - GOOD! Shrimp was fresh & had that fresh-shrimp crunchiness

- 芒果布丁 / mango pudding - uhhmmm meh. I liked the taste but the texture was very hard for a pudding =/

- 炸兩 / rice rolls with Chinese long donut - my 2nd favorite today! You can tell it was very fresh bcos the long donut was still crunchy!

- 鮮蝦釀豆腐 / fried tofu with minced shrimp. Omg…this place’s shrimp dishes are so good. Shrimp was super fresh & chewy! The sauce also just right, so the tofu didn’t seem very dry but still possessed the fried crunchiness.

My party left ~noon & by that time, 60% of the restaurant (a fairly big restaurant with many tables) was full. That’s very good for Wednesday dimsum in Edmonton :P

Satisfied with the food & service~ 9.5/10!