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Hii! I'm Anita~ I'm a Medical Laboratory Sciences student at the University of Alberta (Edm, AB). I'm interested in Chinese calligraphy, scrapbooking, collecting scarves, & cooking. I'm a lover of fat panda, decaf mochas, the color purple, Kpop (I'm an A+ B2uty Blackjack InnerCircle VIP!), badminton, Converse All-Star shoes, & art. I love eating & travelling so this is...a personal blog about my food & travel stories~ I hope you'll enjoy your stay, as well as giving me some feedback on my blog, in general, & your thoughts on the places I've blogged about :) thankyouu

Gloomy day… with a whole wknd of studying up ahead for the back-to-back midterms on Monday & Tuesday. Of course I had to do SOMETHING fun today, right?

I had lunch @ a place called B’s Diner with my phase 2 group~ Found an old picture on Urbanspoon that was on the page of this place & my 1st thought was “wow looks so sketchy” o.O but that picture, which was from 2011, might be the old location?? It didn’t look quite like that when we were actually there today.


Yes, I’d have to say it still looks kinda sketchy…& old. It’s located on the old part of Whyte Ave (past the train tracks if you’re heading east); conveniently beside the A&W. Parking is VERY limited, maybe just 2-3 spots in the back so Ashley parked her vehicle in the A&W parking lot. Wooot no ticket!

This whole ramen burger thing… It all started HERE: Invented by Keizo Shimamoto, living in NYC…from a “limited quantity” street stall to something…bigger. Such a genius!!! I was so excited to hear that it exists in Edm (not the same ones, nor made by him; it’ll never be the Keizo Shimamoto version here…but still!)!


When we walked in, there were 2 other tables of customers. One table (2 ppl) had 2 noodle bowls in front of them - the Vietnamese kind. A bottle of Sriracha sauce was even on their table :O the other table of 2 was having a late brunch, with toast & egg & coffee. I was like…whatttt? & then our party of 5 was seated & had a menu passed to us. Even more confusion as I went thru the menu - they have typical breakfast food like toast/eggs/bacon type of stuff, soups & sandwiches, & pie? & a limited selection of desserts. Drinks they have include canned pop, coffee, tea, juice… Plus a loose laminated sheet with Vietnamese pho, spring rolls, vermicelli bowls, rice (?!) items… The biggest problem was…I couldn’t find the ramen burger section! =( but in the end, it was on the very back side of the menu! Phew! That’s what we came for!!


The interior. Very narrow restaurant with ~8 tables inside.


SEEEEEEE! the Sriracha sauce o_o! They also have a few tables outside (maybe like 4-5). But isn’t this new… Sriracha + seafood sauce (hoisin sauce) bottle…with salt & pepper …on the same table!


I would not suggest coming here for ramen burgers if you’re in a rush, or if you’re coming here during your 1hr lunch or something. The ramen burgers took ~30mins to come out… :( From left to right: Kamikaze, Round Eye, Rising Sun, & East Meets West.


I ordered the East Meets West cos… it contained bacon! YUM!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for the blurriness - my hands were shaky cos I was hungry.

Burgers were hot & fresh! The bit of veggies really evened out the bacon + beef + cheese. There was an added kick with the Japanese spicy mayo as well. Mmmm I started out doing REALLY well, squishing the burger enough so I could bite all 3 layers but then I failed as I got towards the center -.-’ had to use fork + knife… haha it was soooo good though! Definitely filling, but I could easily eat another half :P Come try it!!!!!!!


2 of my classmates also shared a rhubarb apple crumble (with ice cream)~ Very cinnamon-y so I couldn’t have any… but apparently it was great & suitable for autumn.

Besides the somewhat weird combo of things… haha COME HERE FOR THE RAMEN BURGERS! They will not disappoint you!! 10/10!

Finished another Thursday…

This 9:15AM - 5:00PM (or maybe even later) without a break thing every Thursday is tiring me out >.< I almost wished this was my Friday schedule so I can go home & do nothing after, but of course, it doesn’t work that way & I have another school day still. At least it’s just 1 class… I shouldn’t complain (too much).

Feeling somewhat compensated for… finally visited The King & I earlier :D The restaurant is located on Whyte Ave (but not facing Whyte Ave); it’s a Thai restaurant. Mmmm it’s also been around for a long time, & have received good reviews from a lot of my friends ^^ Was super excited to come here!


Chicken Pad Thai <3 rice noodles with chicken, shrimp, tofu, egg, green onions, bean sprouts, & a bit of carrot for color + crushed peanut on the side (& lime).

You can’t go wrong with a Pad Thai…ever! But, whether you like or not is a different story.

Pad Thai’s I’ve had in the past were less savoury, more sweet…& almost a little tomato-y even though the dish doesn’t contain any tomato. I once suspected the tomato-y-ness was from ketchup…which, btw, has not been disproven! For all I know, it could be ketchup. OR some tomato-based Thai sauce/flavoring. Anyways, not saying the Pad Thai here wasn’t good (it was delicious!) but it was not as sweet as I had hoped. I was a bit “iffy” when it was brought out cos Pad Thai’s in my memory were never this dark in color - OD-ed on the soy sauce, perhaps =/ If I were blinded & had a taste of this, I would think that it is some Chinese stir-fry noodle, instead of Pad Thai, you know what I mean? That was the impression I had of this.

What I thought was better than this was the curry Pad-Thai! The same ingredients, but instead of soy sauce base, they used a mild yellow Thai curry, so it was slightly spicy. Excellent for this kind of weather!! I’d recommend that one !!

I give this visit a……. 8.5/10! Pad Thai wasn’t Pad Thai…but it was still very delicious!

PS: the lady gave us a lunch discount! :O instead of paying $17 for the Pad Thai (dinner), she said we’ll get the same portion of Pad Thai for $12! THANK YOU =)

Today is my mom’s birthday & tomorrow is my dad’s birthday :P

Soooo… we ordered pizza tonight! May seem like a pretty common/un-special thing to do…ordering pizza delivery but it’s something that my family RARELY does. I can’t COUNT the number of times we’ve ever ordered pizza delivery with one hand. Hard to believe, I know… like having instant noodles in the house, pizza delivery (or just ordering pizza & picking it somewhere…aka “fresh” pizza, not the frozen ones you buy & then bake at home) is almost a luxury! We also never have junk food in the house… chips, popcorn, pop… Actually, I don’t drink pop at all now :D yay for me! & as for chips/popcorn…meh, grown to be indifferent towards them - I eat some when they’re available. Sad, I know…

On the other hand, I’ve had friends telling me I live in a “sophisticated” & “smart” household (?!) .. where… I’ve developed good eating habits? Ahh maybe…

But anyways, pizza! We’ve only ever ordered from Panago in the past, but Pizza 73 is doing this promo thing, where it’s 2 for 1 medium (of equal or less value) so we ordered from Pizza 73.


Chicken Deluxe: chicken, mushrooms, red onions, & green peppers. Not a huge fan of green peppers, this was ok for me cos there wasn’t too much of it :D lots of chicken!!!


Hawaiian~ I liked this one more than the chicken deluxe. If only there was more cheese… I love cheese!!!!

Can’t complain about either… = 10/10! Oh it’ll take a couple of million tons for me to give anything less when it comes to pizza…

Happy Monday, guys!

A new bakery opened in Chinatown last Friday. My parents read that in the newspaper, & since I had a only 1 class from 9-10AM today, we bought some take-out items from there. The bakery is called Xing Wang, 兴旺 (lit. trans. = “Prosperous”); it’s located right across from TaiPan restaurant.

Besides Chinese buns like what I’d expect, they also had other things like: frozen spring rolls, frozen & fresh sticky rice (wrapped in lotus leaf), frozen buns of all sorts (glanced at the little tags briefly but some of the names I read include: green onion buns, chives + shrimp buns, pork buns). They also have ready-to-order items: freshly steamed rice rolls (pork & bbq pork flavors), Chinese long donuts, 2 kinds of steamed buns, congee, ANDDDDD fried rice, fried noodles, beef flat rice noodles (“ho fan”) for take-out :O it was a lot!!  

Here’s what I bought: a piece of Chinese long donut, & the 2 kinds of rice rolls they had (includes soy sauce). They had 2 samples out today: the green onion bun & steamed sticky rice (both weren’t bad, but I’m not too into those).

Transferred the rice rolls over to dishes when I got home. 4 pieces each & an abundance of meat for… Can you guess how much my total was!

$6!! Rice rolls were $2.50 each, & the long donut was $1. No GST :D

The quality & taste was good! All very fresh. Long donut was crunchy, & the rice rolls were flavorful. Definitely more worth it than eating it at dimsum restaurants :P Xing Wang also has a small dining area (just 2 small tables & some chairs that were scattered in the area) so you can dine-in if you want. Note: parking is scarce around here! Enough room for only 2 vehicles in front & I think the back parking lot is for employee parking.

10/10~ I WILL BE BACK!

Wooooooooooooooot! So happy it’s finally Friday :D I love Fridays! Anyone else with me?!

Today was “extra” happy cos I had a mini get-together lunch with my Phase 2 group (aka my school family). Too bad not all 6 of us were present… but next week! It’s gonna happen!!!! Bcos of ppl’s schedule, we had a short lunch break, so it was decided that we go somewhere closeby - Tokyo Noodle Shop on Whyte Ave became our destination.


… & we went here specifically for ramen. Here’s a close-up of their ramen section on their menu.


I ordered the chicken ramen. No complaints about the hard-boiled egg, corn, & green onions. Chicken was good! I love chicken - it will take A LOT for someone to ruin chicken for me… mm the noodles though. They were harder/stiffer than I had expected. I was expecting to munch on chewy, yet, soft noodles, but the noodles here were .. borderline undercooked, I would say =/ was a little disappointed. The soup base was good too; flavor was just right. I do feel a little nervous about the soup whenever I order soup noodles/vermicelli. But there was no question about this one as I did not feel thirsty after the meal.

Overall: I rate this quick lunch .. 8/10! -2 for the noodles…

Tokyo Noodle Shop on Urbanspoon

Have a good weekend!!