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Hii! I'm Anita~ I'm a Medical Laboratory Sciences student at the University of Alberta (Edm, AB). I'm interested in Chinese calligraphy, scrapbooking, collecting scarves, & cooking. I'm a lover of fat panda, decaf mochas, the color purple, Kpop (I'm an A+ B2uty Blackjack Ace VIP!), badminton, Converse All-Star shoes, & art. I love eating & travelling so this is...a personal blog about my food & travel stories~ I hope you'll enjoy your stay, as well as giving me some feedback on my blog, in general, & your thoughts on the places I've blogged about :) thankyouu
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I’ve been reading my book during my breaks - something that I wished I had done throughout the yr, but it’s simply not do-able when you have ppl to sit & chat with :P

I’m done PartIII now & would like to give you a quick update on this…oh my goodness, English novel version of a traditional Chinese palace drama!

I left off last time with Carlo & Louise both doing well is serving their respective roles for the French King. & now it’s like…they’re almost there! JUST A BIT. Carlo, with the help with 2 chemists (yeah I know, a confectioner + 2 chemists), has successfully made ice cream, after many successive trials with/without addition of eggs (tried both with/without egg/yolk) & milk. Woooohoooo!!! It sounds so delicious the way Capella writes about it -.-” I bet he’s gonna start adding fruits & chocolates to it to make it “flavoured” ice cream haha

On the other hand, Louise is not only stirring up some heat with King Charles, but also other ppl in court. James, Charles’ younger brother, flirted with her a bit & took her skating; Charles got super jealous! I was also introduced to one of Charles illegit sons, Jemmy, who got sent away for a crime he has committed. Somehow I think Louise is planning something with the inclusion of Jemmy as a tool :S I don’t know…we’ll see. The Queen is this weak lady; doctors have said she won’t live long - this “forces” Louise to be even more ambitious! She’s totally changing! & then there’s this actress whom Charles goes to from time to time; she’s not his woman but he goes to her cos he finds she’s amusing/entertaining. & it is THIS woman that Louise is afraid of.

But yeah…Louise has so much to think about now. Everything was all simple back then - just wanting her family to be back where they used to be on the social ladder; bringing honor to the family. Then once she entered the English palace, everything’s about strategy & analyses of words & actions. 1 thing’s for sure though .. she does not want to be the mother of a illegit son.

Let’s start PartIV~

Didn’t think I would be posting up PartII so soon… That can only mean 1 thing: I’m reading this book instead of reading my notes for studying purposes -.-” oh dearrrrr.

Unfortunately, to me, this part of the novel isn’t as quite interesting as PartI. I left off at the part where both Carlo & Louise have arrived at their respective places in England as a political tool to make an alliance happen between England & France.

So what happened was .. Carlo is staying at a “salon” place, while working in a shared kitchen in the palace to make various ices for King Charles; the sharer of the kitchen is Hannah (& her son, Elias, whose father is unknown). I don’t think this is really important; at least not yet. Meanwhile, Louise is stayed at the mansion of Lord/Lady Arlington. She was being constantly pushed to “catch the eye of the King” by Lady Arlington, who also tells her stories of the English court. Anyways, now I know there is a larger & more important role of Louise - she’s not just being sent there to please Charles, but also to “control” him in the long run. Omg this is such a typical storyline of a traditional Chinese palace drama…

Carlo & Louise, bcos of their respective “work” & close proximity to Charles, see each other sometimes, but nothing special is going on; Carlo still has a crush on Louise, & well Louise… I honestly think she’s shifting :O from when she entered the French court in the 1st place to now…she’s becoming more ambitious. “To be the queen”, she thinks to herself. I can tell you that she’s doing quite well so far; seeing Charles every day, & Charles even placed her at some lady-in-waiting house! Gahhhh >.< this is totally looking like a Chinese drama! ..but dundundun, the existing Queen must be out of position 1st!

This is where I am so far. Carlo still making his ices & climbing up the ladder slowly, & he’s working with Louise to get her up to where she needs to be as well - sad, I know =(

But here, cheer up with a chocolate!

A chocolate a day keeps phase 2 away. By the time I finish these, I will be done my 2nd yr of the med lab program~

Last day of my Easter long wknd. Been just thinking…this wknd was almost close to my ideal summer. Cooking new things, eating out, shopping, fangirling, Kdrama-ing .. & one of my lesser-known hobbies: coffee+book. (just missing some drawing in there & that’s pretty much my definition of a perfect summer in Edm).

The following is the novel I’ve been reading since last week: Anthony Capella’s The Empress of Ice Cream. Really tried to limiting myself to 1 chapter/day but .. didn’t happen, ain’t happening, & won’t happen.

I’ll just give you a summary of what I read/where I’m at in the story, which is just 1.5chapters into PartII of the novel. Written in 1st person, but 2 voices (Carlo & Louise).

Setting is 1670ish in France, where Carlo Demirco (an Italian brought up by a Persian after being separated from his family) is the central character. Following his Persian master, Ahmed, Carlo makes various ices (sorbets, sherbets, etc), & sets his goal as “making the best/perfect ‘ice’ in the world!” Judging by the book’s title, it’s referring to ice cream :D

After x number of yrs, Carlo, in his teens, decided to escape from Ahmed & chase after his dream, & so he ends up partnering up with Audiger, an older Frenchman who is a confectioner in the French court. Together, after several yrs, the 2 rose to fame for creating various ices for King Louis XIV & other court ppl/guests. But that brought about some change in the relationship between Carlo & Audiger, as their goals were somewhat different…but it wasn’t like “let’s break up foreverrrr!” They just grew further apart.

Meanwhile, being handsome & famous, Carlo captures the eyes of the ladies woooooo lol one of which named Olympe, who belongs to Louis, but you know…he’s never with her & she’s lonely.. Carlo & Olympe don’t actually love each other; whom Carlo likes is a lady-in-waiting named Louise - the female lead of this story. She entered the court cos her family “fell” & she needed to sell herself basically. He expressed his interest but was rejected cos he was merely an “ice maker” - not high enough in status/rank to help her with anything.

Louise’s madame, who died rather soon in the story, is King Charles II of England’s sister. During the time, there was this “ice age” between the 2 nations. As a result, to resolve it, King Louis decided to send both Carlo & Louise over to “please” Charles. “heyyy this guy here makes the best ices; you’ve gotta try some. & this woman here…is absolutely lovely!” - aka, both Carlo & Louise became political tools.

So right now, Carlo & Louise, who have travelled together, are separated en route to England to their respective places in England.

Will get back to you once I’m done PartII :)

Hello, IKEA breakfast. Missed you!

So yeah…my long wknd continues to be unproductive & it’s great! haha went to the West Edm Mall with my family after IKEA today. K .. I LOVE THE FACE SHOP. That’s all.

Almost forgot I have all this free time cos it’s .. Easter long wknd! Happy Easter, everyone!

Before I continue on with Tiramisu 101, I need to announce something.

I’m officially…watching 4 Kdramas simultaneously again. I was down to 2 at one point but now I’m watching 4. They’re all diff genres too. The hardest part is remembering which episode I’m on for each of them; I really need to write it down somewhere. So the 4 I’m currently watching are:

1. Hotel King (romance, revenge: just watched ep1 for now. It’s still airing in Korea & I don’t wanna go too fast with this one cos then I’ll catch-up, & then I’ll be like “gotta wait for another WEEK!”

2. Medical Top Team (medical drama, obvsly): on ep3 cos I just started this drama this morning. K Joo Ji Hoon. Mr. Joo Ji Hoon… I still remember how much I disliked him/his character from Goong 8yrs ago -.-; I had severe 2nd lead syndrome.. But he’s actually ..quite attractive in MTT :O

3. Three Days (crime, action): ep 7. You know what…Park YooChun is really making me hate on this drama =( It’s sad for me bcos I think the storyline is quite good but…poor execution by the lead actor.

4. Let’s Eat (rom com): yeah…ep 11 lol it’s been so long but the problem with this drama is that…I can’t watch it when I’m hungry, which is a really limiting factor……..

Alright, besides a lot of drama-watching, my biggest accomplishment today was making my fav dessert, tiramisu! Ate it numerous times but it was my 1st time making it today. My bro & I teamed up & we used the easiest recipe (EVER) - success!


Original cream cheese (450g container).


1/2 cup sugar


I microwaved the cream cheese so it was stir-able (~1m25s for the 450g). While it’s warm, slowly mix in the sugar.


The recipe we used said 2 cups of whipped cream & we were like… o_O that’s a lot! So we ended up using maybe 1cup + 2/3cup-ish of it instead.


Then you mix in the whipped cream with your cream cheese+sugar


With enough folding, you’ll get something of this consistency.


Now the other component of tiramisu: preparation of lady fingers. We used the soft kind cos that’s what my bro’s friend recommended, but feel free to try the regular one. Beside it is ~1cup of coffee (Starbucks dark roast) with 1tsp of sugar.


Lady fingers are very absorptive. So a quick roll of it in the coffee bath is adequate.


Choose your choice of plate/bowl/whatever you want to make your tiramisu in. I used a 8in x 8in casserole dish for my 2 layers of 8 lady fingers.


After you place your 1st layer of lady fingers, spread the cream cheese mixture over top evenly.


Repeat for the second layer.

Place in fridge for a minimum of 4hrs (I had it in the fridge for that long).


No cocoa powder at home, so I used hot chocolate powder instead.


& voila!!!


For display purposes haha I scooped some into this little dessert bowl, topped with a piece of Lindt 99% dark chocolate ^^

There you go, homemade tiramisu!