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Hii! I'm Anita~ I'm a Medical Laboratory Sciences student at the University of Alberta (Edm, AB). I'm interested in Chinese calligraphy, scrapbooking, collecting scarves, & cooking. I'm a lover of fat panda, decaf mochas, the color purple, Kpop (I'm an A+ B2uty Blackjack Ace VIP!), badminton, Converse All-Star shoes, & art. I love eating & travelling so this is...a personal blog about my food & travel stories~ I hope you'll enjoy your stay, as well as giving me some feedback on my blog, in general, & your thoughts on the places I've blogged about :) thankyouu

the solution to hot hot hot issue!

Welcome to Anita’s Kitchen LOL it has been a fun & busy day in my kitchen .. today was kinda like…one of those K-drama days, where you see a character just playing by herself when she’s home alone. Like Hong Soo Hyun on Roommate :P Roommate is the new SBS reality show I’ve been watching since last week. So sad when I heard the news that Bom will be leaving the show (just when I started shipping the “BoDong” couple) *cries* As a Blackjack, I know the show, to Bom, was more than just a show… She’s been waiting & looking forward to it..& showed her crazy “alien”-ness on it. 1 “scandal” & it’s all taken away from her. One day, Bom Back Home!

So yeahhh… I played by myself all day like Soo Hyun unnie - I cleaned, I cooked, I sang, I watched TV while eating what I made. eeeeee!!

Let me introduce to you: (my version of) Korean bean sprout soup!

Seaweed, bean sprouts, & lobster balls (due to the lack of fish available in my home. Some form of seafood should be fine, right?)

1.5 tsp. of Korean soy sauce + (no pics available) 1 tsp. of Korean soy bean paste.

All the ingredients in ~1.25 cup of water & boil till everything’s cooked.

My lunch ^^ ddeokbokki + bean sprout soup.

I watched Hotel King; I’m ~2/3 of the way thru the drama now. I totally ship the “Dong Hae” couple &…all the clothes in the drama. AHHHH Lee Dong Wook oppa is so handsome!!

I also made cake using cake mix. ON SALE @ NO FRILLS :)

What the box told me to add: 1 1/3 cup water, 3 large eggs, & 1/2 cup oil. Wait whattttt 1/2 cup oil. OIL?! Not happening. More like 4 tbsps…

& I picked cherries from my backyard, & took out the seeds. Mixed them into my batter & scooped them into these oval bake-tainers.

Most turned out ok. The 1st batch was the worst -.-’ stuck to the bottom like crazy but then I buttered the bottoms more…so it was ok after the 1st batch haha

I also made these cupcakes.

Aren’t the cups cute? Purple + white dots! :D from China home ware street.

The end!


It has been raining for the whole day here in YEG, but I kinda like days like these as long as it doesn’t happen for consecutive days. My 엄마 somehow managed to find a 5lb bag of potatoes for $1…lol so uhh…potato play-day, I decided to call today. I’m a huge Korean food/music/drama/culture fan, so I looked into several Korean potato dishes & finally decided to make gam-ja jo-rim (감자 조림) - the soy sauce & sugar coated potato cubes sidedish! It’s a favorite of mine :D

Again, I took several recipes & …created my own from them.

3 medium-sized potatoes: boiled & cooled.

PS: I’ve never cooked potatoes in my life… the recipes had no boiling step; I just wanted to ensure they’re cooked……hahaha but even so, I didn’t boil them for too long, just ~5-7mins


In a non-stick pan, start off with some oil & 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Add your potatoes & cook (with constant stirring for evenness) for ~5mins. I added some water (~1/2cup) to them cos, again, I WANT COOKED POTATOES -.-’ Turn high heat to medium heat & cook until all the water has evaporated.

Ok the sauce. I changed things to suit my taste. The 3 recipes I looked at did not contain honey o.o I was so surprised! This whole time I thought it was soy sauce + honey. To…not burst my own bubble, I included honey. In the end, my sauce contained: 1tbsp sugar, 2tbsp honey, & 1.5 tbsp. Korean soy sauce (+ ~7-8 tbsp. water to mix it into a homogenous mixture).

Add sauce, then turn up the heat, & stir!

You wanna stop when you begin to see your potatoes being covered with this condensed sauce thing (?????), which kind of looks like batter but it’s not. Switch to low heat (so it doesn’t burn) & create that crispy exterior. Might take a while, just sayin’ (it’s totally optional!)

Here’s the final product. (add sesame oil &/or sesame seeds if you’d like)

Umm.. I’d call this a success! heeeeee NOW I CAN GO WATCH MY KDRAMA, HOTEL KING!

Happy 2nd last wknd of July’14, everyone :D It’s not a special wknd or anything but it’s a wknd where A Taste of Edmonton is happening! I’ve been an annual visitor since 2011, & unless I’m not in town or ToE isn’t happening OR due to some other circumstances (OR, like Heritage Festival, the tickets/pricing become too ridiculous to me), I don’t plan on missing a ToE anytime soon :P So yesterday, I came here with Clara after I had a morning of badminton. Need to pre-burn those calories before I hit this event!!

Not really a “target” but my plan this yr was to eat the food truck items as, unlike the restaurant booths, these are not around all yr ‘round.

Here’s the 1st food truck we got food at: Bully Food Truck.


& we each got the Bully Mac, aka mac n’ cheese with sprinkled cheese plus the awesome crunchy stuff. Good combo of texture, where you have the soft melting cheese, chewy mac, & the crunchy goodness!


Food truck #2: Canicus Catering (in the form of a fire truck - perhaps to advertise their wood-fired pizzas!)


SEE! Tis real


This line-up was the longest out of all the food trucks… After ~5mins of waiting in line in presence of rain + another 3-5mins of waiting, we got our pizzas. Clara’s prosciutto pizza on the left & my spicy sausage pizza on the right. Both were delicious! Caution to those who are sensitive to spiciness if you’re getting the spicy pizza!


Clara got one of her interested items here @ the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald booth.


The cherry-glazed duck confit taco with jicama slaw. Hmm…maybe we’re just under-educated but we did not taste the cherry-ness in this taco at all =/ however, the duck was yummy & flavorful, & the slaw was quite bland on its own so together, it was *thumbs*


Both of these were on my list of “to eat”: Normand’s Bistro & Mikado.


From Normand’s Bistro, I got the bison carpaccio. A newbie to carpaccios, I thought it was good, just a little on the salty side haha I really liked the sauce. I’m sure it was just some salad dressing but it lessened the saltiness for me. Good job!

& as for the dragon eyes from Mikado. No complaints. I didn’t request the end piece but…that’s my fav part of the roll lol crunchayyy!


Next, the Canadian Brewhouse. Tried the deep fried pickles 2 yrs ago, so this time around, we got the steak bites.


If only .. the portion was bigger :( the texture was great! But mannnnnn… so salty! Was disappointed.


I remember liking the food at this restaurant when I was there for my birthday last yr. Sabor Divino is a new addition to the ToE listing this yr!


Initially wanted both the piri piri prawns & the bacon bullets, I just got the prawns in the end. This was interesting & one of these days, I plan to try making this at home. Seasoned prawns (mostly chili pepper flavor for all I could taste), panfried, & served with mayo. I quite liked the chili pepper x mayo combo.


Food truck #3: Drift.


The Pork Belly Sandwich. Strangely, it tastes like & gives off the vibe of a Vietnamese submarine sandwich. Marinated meat, shredded carrots, cilantro, & daikon. Except this is on a bun bread rather than a submarine bun. Mm nothing too amazing, this one.


Been to the WEM location & thought “this is just (slightly below) average”. But wondered how their ToE item would be like…


Lemongrass beef skewer. I love beef skewers & I like the flavor of lemongrass, but this was below expectation. The scent & taste of lemongrass could only be experienced in the “aftertaste” phase; other than that, it was just a regular beef skewer. Calling it “beef skewer” might be more appropriate. Just sayin’


The Cheesecake Café = where I had the longest marathon dinner of my life (so far)!


Stuffed mushrooms. Besides cheese & some onions, I really couldn’t taste anything else in the stuffing…..but they were GUUD! The sauce went really well with the fried mushroom *thumbs*


Save the best for last @ food truck #4: Quick Meal Mediterranean Food.


We ordered exactly what was advertised: the donair poutine. I love donairs (I can only allow myself to have one per yr) & I love poutines. Together? .. THAT’S IT, I tell you! Amazing stuff!


Most of the dishes I tried were satisfying @ this yr’s ToE event, so I’m happy haha good job, team E-town!

Here we go again with the tiramisu-making. 100% unplanned creation…


I used ~half of the cream cheese (~250g) & ~half of the whipped cream (~100g). I’m at the point where I don’t use/follow a recipe for tiramisu anymore. Not pro, but familiar with the proportions & trying to decrease calories! :D


Coincidentally had these cherries at home. They say “sweet cherries” but I actually found them to be on the sour side. Anyways, I was like.. .”hmm let’s cut these in halves & layer them into the tiramisu ..for fun!” lol


1/3 cup of milk


In the photo, I measured 1/3 cup of sugar but changed my mind last minute & added about half of that… so um .. oh boy, fraction math O_O 1/6 cup of sugar


Mix all the ingredients (minus the cherries) together. Come to think of it though, there’s no reason why you can’t add the cherries here.. duh! All I was aiming for was to incorporate the cherries into my tiramisu…


The usual: instant coffee & lady fingers.

[6-7 hrs in the fridge later]


HEEEEEEEEE. I had fun with the presentation this time ^^ which version do you prefer: traditional bowl, wine glass (restaurant-like), or baby tiramisu shooters (in Asian flower tea teacups)????

My thoughts on the addition of cherries: like I’ve been telling my close friends on my adventurous tiramisu-making haha even with my calories-budget version, tiramisu is a creamy, moist (even “thick”) dessert. Sometimes one may get the “full” feeling really soon. With the (sour-er) cherries in it, it makes the dessert taste more fresh & lighter, if you know what I mean. Altogether, I still like the traditional tiramisu more, but cherry tiramisu works out well too!!