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Hii! I'm Anita~ I'm a Medical Laboratory Sciences student at the University of Alberta (Edm, AB). I'm interested in Chinese calligraphy, scrapbooking, collecting scarves, & cooking. I'm a lover of fat panda, decaf mochas, the color purple, Kpop (I'm an A+ B2uty Blackjack InnerCircle VIP!), badminton, Converse All-Star shoes, & art. I love eating & travelling so this is...a personal blog about my food & travel stories~ I hope you'll enjoy your stay, as well as giving me some feedback on my blog, in general, & your thoughts on the places I've blogged about :) thankyouu

Wooohoo dinner + catch-up with another girl friend, Tina! I found out at the restaurant that she’s treating me…for my bday.. haha I love my friends, still treating me to meals almost 2 months after my bday <3

I have been to Blue Plate Diner a total of 3 times now (over the past 5 yrs) so umm once every 2 yrs haha originally, I was looking forward to having lunch here as I have never had lunch here. Unfortunately, Tina had work, so lunch became dinner. But even so, the menu was significantly different than what I saw last time & last last time - there seems to be more vegetarian & vegan dishes. & also the dessert menu was different - my fav lime cheesecake from here is gone :’(


Alrighty, here’s the interior: nothing changed since the last time I came, which was 2 yrs ago! Still the cozy little place tucked inside Jasper Ave :P


Accompanying us for dinner this evening is…this horse sculpture haha Another reason why I wished I came here more often is for their art-filled interior. They have artworks on their walls, which are also for sale. I noticed that this time there were more framed works compared to before, where there were more canvas art. I kinda liked the canvases more; but the frames were cool too. I felt iffy about taking a photo of the art beside our table, but it was this black & white print of a tree trunk, but the tree rings resembled a fingerprint pattern. It was pretty awesome! Their lamps at every table is also diff. So what I’m saying is.. their artsy interior is something neat to look at/for.


The tables themselves were interesting too. Sorta rusting-looking/semi-half peeled paint coming off.. you know what I mean? This place is sooo cool!

Now onto the food.


What I order here every time is their sweet potato fries. I think they’re the best out of all the restaurants I’ve been to & have tried the sweet potato fries at :O To me, it’s sweeter than other sweet potato fries for some reason.


Here’s the Blue Plate Diner classic - MAC n’ Cheese that Tina recommended. It’s been on the menu from previous times but I never tried it. She told me it’s what she orders everytime/what she comes here for. So.. anyways, I decided to try it! Indeed, it wasn’t like any other MAC n’ Cheese; very light (not very cheesy), smooth but not too creamy. The small amount of tomato added freshness to an extra bit of lightness to the pasta. Ahhhh .. yummmmyy!

Staff was friendly, service was excellent.

10/10! Enough said.

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